Welcome to Mixed Baby Mama! My name is Angel and I live in Chicago with my husband, baby girl, and two cats.  I am a singer, a writer, and a stay-at- home mom. For a long time I didn't think I'd ever be adding that last item to a summary about myself.  As a woman giving birth for the first time at age 43, I arrived a bit late to the "mommy party."  But now that I'm here, I want to savor every moment.  

This blog won't provide you with clever parenting tips or advice; I'm too much of a rookie for that. Nor will it pontificate about the best ways to get your baby to sleep through the night--an occurrence that for us, seems about as likely as me stumbling across a unicorn. It won't give you a nice selection of fast and easy meals for moms on the go.  As hard as I try I still burn rice and over bake frozen meat pies so let's just not go there, K? I might talk about my favorite places to get cupcakes in Chicago, like the cupcake ATM on Walton Street--I'm obsessed with that thing, or comment on which brand of leggings I preferred when I finally transitioned out of my preggo pants.  But mostly I'll be chronicling some of what my stay-at-home-mom journey has been like--the first year of my kiddo's life. and beyond. You may also find some of my thoughts about race, religion, and books, as well as bits and pieces of my creative self mixed in here now and then.  All that stuff still interests me and wherever it intersects with my new role as mama, I might have something to say.

Hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet.  Thanks for stopping by.